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Caring Currrency (CC)

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Caring Currency is a project initiated by Philip McMaster of the World Sustainability Project, Republic Of Conscience and the MCMASTER INSTITUTE for Sustainable Development in Commerce.

Caring Currency are virtual (cryptocurrency) tokens issued on blockchains around the world, whose purpose is to draw attention to, support, account for and bring transactional value to the SOCIAL side of our lives.

YOU can participate in building the NEW, VIRTUAL, CARING ECONOMY of the Republic Of Conscience by earning, acquiring and sharing Caring Currency Tokens and Coins.

ISR>CSR>SDG Diversity

The philosophy behind “many blockchains, many caring currencies, many approaches, many people, many solutions” reflects the reality of the global need for Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.

Although it is only ONE world, there is not only ONE solution.


The SDG Coin and SDG Token

One of the first set of Caring Currency tokens issued are the SDG token and coin series. Based on the tireless campaigning by Philip McMaster for the recognition and support of the Sustainable Development Goals around the world, attending numerous United Nations Climate Conferences and bringing the SDG’s nearest to the highest point in the world, Mt. Everest.


Starting in China, Caring Currency and the SDG Tokens and Coins already exist on a number of Blockchains and are being listed on global exchanges as the ISR and CSR programs roll out.

SDG Challenge – Individual Social Responsibility ISR>SDG Tokens

MASS DISTRIBUTION “ISR” SDG Tokens are valued at 3RMB each, with a total of 7.5Billion ISR SDG tokens in existence, and many to be given away FREE.

Part of the BLOCKCHAIN ONRAMP project to attract and involve caring individuals, 3rd Sector Organizations, not-for-profits and Social Enterprises to understand and participate in Blockchain technology, ISR SDG tokens are a low-cost, low risk “sandbox” of experimentation with SOCIAL CREDIT.

Demand and orders beyond the initial 3 Free Tokens will be sold to raise capital for programs of the World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience, administered by the MCMASTER INSTITUTE and appointed Hong-Kong based Fund Accounting Firms.

CSR>SDG Tokens for 17plusONE – Corporate Social Responsibility

The “CSR” SDG Tokens are part of the Chengdu Consensus program to align business and industry to solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 195 United Nations signatories.  There are 18 million CSR SDG tokens in existence, 17 million representing a million for each of the 17 SDGs and an additional million CSR SDG Tokens to be distributed to 3rd Sector charities, NGO’s and Social Enterprises based on their solutions to the 17 Global Goals.

CSR SDG Tokens will be sold to businesses wishing to become part of the Chengdu Consensus, (at 3 Bitcoins per orgnization) and in the general marketplace as a capital-and-awareness-raising program promoting the SDG’s and funding the World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience.

The Peace Plus One Fund will be administered by the board of the Chengdu Consensus, the MCMASTER INSTITUTE and appointed Hong-Kong based Fund Accounting Firms.

The History of the DaLongCoin

On his birthday, coinciding with CHANGE WEDNESDAY, a group of Philip McMaster’s friends got together for a dinner near the pearl tower in Shanghai and decided to help create the DaLongCoin (DLC) in support of DaLong’s “Life-Long” efforts and activities.

A few hours earlier, at one of the many Blockchain “ICO” shows in town, a long-time friend of DaLong  had marvelled at his tirelessness, tenacity, sociability and passion in promoting Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) among all the money-oriented promotions.

The friend pointed out that DaLong has attended many of the major events, since the industry began a few years ago and is seen “everywhere” –  never failing to make a strong, memorable impression about living a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability. “DaLong should have a coin – a good reputation coin” it was agreed.

…and with the kind help of his friends, within a few days the DaLongCoin had a Token, Wallet and Website and more friends and supporters to make the world a better place.





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Some tokens from the Caring Currency family of coins:

CareCoin, CompassionateCoin, XiaoYaBi, SmileCoin, KuaiLeBi, DUCKeDUCK, ConscienceCoin, DuckEcoin, HumaneCoin, WOWcoin, GenerousCoin etc.