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Philip McMaster AHSc. MBA

2017 Wrapup – SingularityNETA-I-Panda, SustainaClaus and the Republic Of Conscience gets to the world stage.

www.facebook.com/Sustainaclaus – videos about the HS2 Occupation in the U.K., SustainaClaus and elves establishing the Republic Of Conscience Pop-Up Embassy in London, “X-Mas” Celebration in Oxford Circus to  “X” out mass consumption and SustainaClaus sleeping on the street in front of the Parliament buildings to help bring attention to homelessness.




Before the BLOCKCHAIN to BONN event at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP23 in BONN Germany (November 6th to 17th 2017) -we are assembling companies and individuals who support the CHENGDU CONSENSUS – the effort to Solve the 17 Global Goals www.17PlusONE.com with BLOCKCHAIN Technology. Join US..  www.CaringCurrency.com

Sustainability Advocate

Philip McMaster has a lifetime of advocating for what most of the world is now waking up to realize. We must all grow up and take ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) for our actions at home, in public and at work.

Advocating around the world, Philip wears many hats and adopts local cultures and characteristics to share the message of “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” as a way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). He’s not alone. Sustainable Celebrities  have stepped up and supported the 3 Finger Sustainability Symbol and its meaning almost everywhere.

In person or virtual character presence, Philip McMaster makes a rare combination of visuals and content that WOW audiences and create lasting change in the people of many cultures.

Click to read the recent letter of thanks from a Sustainability Conference in Edinburgh Scotland:


Adopting the culturally-appropriate and respectful “Professor Planet” ,  “Spirit Of Bethune“, “3 Finger Freud“, “SustainaClaus“, and recently “Joha” at the the recent  COP22 United Nations Climate Change meeting in Marrakech, Morocco.

Philip’s approach is to harmonize, respect and enhance local norms and existing approaches to living a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

the United Nations Climate Change Conference which followed the hugely successful COP21 in Paris in 2015. (Side note: Philip’s first “inside” exposure to the UN Climate Change Conference system was COP11 in his hometown, Montreal, Canada – one of the largest ever, with 10,000 people in attendance)

marrakechblocktrain_fantasiaAlong with Afripreneur, SustainaClaus  and “Wednesday” the Low Carbon Panda, (who is now happily released from the endangered list) at the GREEN ZONE in Marrakech, Philip will discuss and promote HOW the BLOCKCHAIN saved The WORLD  and how “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” – the mid-day  of every week – can become the day when communities around the world consider “home grown” solutions to the “17 plus ONE” Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Friends Of DaLong

We are the sum of our great friends – and the Friends of DaLong – Philip McMaster, put together a lighthearted fun-raising website to help him acheive his big, hairy audacious visions: www.FriendsOfDalong.com

Video below is in English and only 2 minutes long… (hosted on a Chinese server, so 1/5 of the world can view it.. and may require a VPN outside China)

Discover more HERE at the BLOCKCHAIN to MARRAKECH

Lifestyle Advocate

Philip McMaster is a Canadian advocate of living a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

Philip McMaster – Speaker at TED Beijing – “The Idea of 3”

With a diverse background in sports, adventure, creativity, business, research and academia, Philip is the co-founder of various social enterprises and efforts to make the world a better place.

Philip McMaster speaks for 54 minutes to a large 1500 seat auditorium in Chengdu, China about “The BLOCKCHAIN and HAPPINESS”

www.WorldSustainability.Org  www.Cool.ca  www.Sust10.com  www.CooltobeCanadian.com www.LOHHAS.com www.SustainabilitySymbol.com  www.PeacePlusOne.com

Philip McMaster initiated and relentlessly promotes the use of the 3 Finger “Peace Plus One” Sustainability Symbol  as a visual identity of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and becoming “Part Of the Solution”,  by balancing SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENT and ECONOMY in our lives.

The 3 Finger Salute is also the coordinating and “reminding” gesture for 3 Finger Wednesday‘s – THE DAY each and every week when we make a special effort to SMILE, CHANGE and UNPLUG_\!/ making our lives, and the lives of those around us, better.

Philip McMaster with “Wednesday” the Low Carbon Panda and 3 Finger Friends at a “Peace Plus One” rally in Linzhou, Hunan China


Philip McMaster (DaLong) has been involved for years in the areas the world is just waking up to now…

Speakers Membership Certificate No. #: BITM20160721137 (Philip McMaster) BIT Conferences and Think Tank, China.

Speaker at Major Conferences in China

1.) Everyone’s talking about the BLOCKCHAIN, but few people know how it will affect their world. Philip McMaster knows many of the major players in the BLOCKCHAIN world and relates a rich historical and non-technical social perspective on the latest technical innovation called the BLOCKCHAIN. www.HOWtheBLOCKCHAINsavedTheWORLD.com

2.) With the Paris Agreement and Big Businesses’ shift from DENIAL to DAMAGE CONTROL – Everyone’s talking about CLIMATE CHANGE, SUSTAINABILITY and what we can do about it.

Philip McMaster knows many of the “players” and projects  in this area and is even featured in a SWISS documentary about the Paris Agreement called “The CLIMATE CHANGERS”.  www.WorldSustainability.Org



Philip McMaster has been working with people from all over the world for years on BLOCKCHAIN related projects … the Republic Of Conscience is based on BLOCKCHAIN CONCEPTS and many of the World Sustainability Projects to achieve the 17plus.ONE United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will be made possible by BLOCKCHAIN innovations and transparency.

The Sustainability DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) “MAKING a LIVING by MAKING a LOHHAS LIFESTYLE” www.Sust10.com
HAPPINESS = BLOCKCHAIN first the Internet, then the Internet Of Things (IoT) soon the Internet of Citizens of www.RepublicOfConscience.com
STEP ONE the www.LOHHASDAO.com June 2016
How China Saved the World – “The Chinese People honor their commitments. We will work hard to implement the Paris Agreement” –

The BLOCKCHAIN is the basis for the Sustainability DAO and the LOHHAS DAO crowdsource funding platforms raising capital for the 3rd Sector of Social Enterprises, NGO’s, Charities and Not-For-Profits.


img_92571Be Part Of the Solution and Support the Republic Of Conscience at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakesh Morocco.

The BLOCKCHAIN COLLABORATORS are sponsoring Philip McMaster, the 3rd Sector BLOCKCHAIN Ambassador to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to share the great initiative of the Republic Of Conscience and BLOCKCHAIN community.


CHANGE WEDNESDAY is the Global Campaign to officially “CHANGE WEDNESDAY” to the day every week when we live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (www.LOHHAS.com), making positive, sustanable, personal change our priority. SMILE~CHANGE~UNPLUG_\!/


On CHANGE WEDNESDAY November 16th 2016, the Republic Of Conscience will make its presentation www.HOWtheBLOCKCHAINsavedTheWORLD.com and hold information sessions to “officially” launch the SDG Coin (SDG Token) in the U.N.’s Civil Society Green Zone.

img_8882 WSP_WSO_38



Speaker, Presenter

Formerly a university lecturer in Canada (HEC Montreal) and Hong Kong (CUHK), and foreign expert and sustainability researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing China, Philip continues to speak and make presentations at conferences, conventions, governmental and non-governmental meetings in China and around the world.

SpeechShanghai_MG_7752 Speechwl_3F_XiangYang_5107 MigrantChildren_0563

Mr. McMaster has numerous undergraduate degrees, certifications and diploma programs from Algonquin College department of Radio and Television Arts, Dawson College Institute of Photography, Concordia University Applied Human Sciences and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from HEC Montreal.

BLOCKCHAIN Company Presentation www.LOHHAS.com
1500 Seat Auditorium, Chengdu, Sichuan China
TEDx presentation at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) “The Idea of 3”

Accepting the speaking stage from an early age,  Philip was chosen Valedictorian for his High School graduating class,  President of the MBA Association of HEC Montreal and continues to communicate the highest ideals for our relationships with Society, the Environment and the Economy at world famous events like TEDx.

Canadian International School
LOHHAS Product in Chengdu, Sichuan
BLOCKCHAIN discussion Zhongguancun, Beijing (Silicon Valley China)


LinzhouPeacePHotospeaker_PhilipMcMaster_TEDx_2115 SpeechBookwormDSC06087 Speech_MG_5105 SpeakerPhilipMcMasterGSLF06428_c SpeakerPhilipMcMasterBookwormDSC06088 SpeakerPhilipMcMaster_8685 Speaker798_MG_5807 img_7685-1 GREEN DSC_5426  img_7844


Philip is known in China as “DaLong”, (Big Dragon) and has appeared in numerous advertisements, television shows, television mini-series, Docu-dramas and feature films.

FreudPoster   doc_PhilipMcMaster_BQE_MG_4400 CCTV_PhilipMcMasterBaiQiuEn

PhilipMcMaster_MG_0395 c_doc_MG_0334doc_3FingerFreud_MG_5850 BethunePHILIPMCMASTERlarge 16227911751_230f64226f_z Captain Philip McMaster_MG_7714 GouYou_PhilipMcMaster_IMAG0670

Philip McMaster_Freud_MG_5849 Philip McMaster_VirjoyTVA_HK Philip_McMaster_MG_5123-1 PhilipMcMaster_1MengnuMilkInternetPhilipMcMasterBETHUNE



An uncommon look leads to unique modeling opportunities, most recently Esquire Magazine (June 2015 China Edition) in a 10 page photo essay about Father and Son.



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Culture Jamming and Seasonal Reminders:

Philip’s life long effort is to bring attention to mindful, sustainable living, adapting cultural icons and memes toward meaningfulness in the modern context and for the greater good.



HEALER – De-Zombification Avaliable Here

Therapeutic De-Zombification Treatment  Workshop Facilitator –


Original News Report from Spanish (Catelonian) TV News http://www.eitb.eus/es/noticias/internacional/videos/detalle/4276684/video-zombis-adiccion-al-movil-china/


Inventor of Adaptive Memes

A passionate observer of human behaviours and conditions in regard to sustainability, Philip is constantly adapting popular memes, re-creating, or simply creating memes and frameworks for a sustainable future.

LCP – Low Carbon Panda,

LCP_HK_MG_8924   web_LCP-SSY_PeacePlusOne_MG_3571  doc_LCP_MG_3482 Sichuan_LCP_MG_5323




LCD the Low Carbon Duck www.DuangDuangDuck.com





To Contact Philip McMaster, search on Linkedin, Facebook, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, and use your favourite search engine to  find “3FingerW“,  resulting in thousands of images, videos and articles about Philip McMaster’s lifetime of effort.